Thursday, October 9, 2008


Veer is almost a done deal for me. I found out a few weeks ago that I had an expiry date on my building access card, but I've spent the last little bit getting the details nailed down. Some of the other founding Veerdos have let slip with a hint of envy (most have golden handcuffs with the company for a few years yet) at my early departure.

Rather than rush into another job, I've decided to take some time to to gather myself. Aside from a hasty, two-week-break 6 years ago, I have worked continuously (leaving one job on a Friday, starting the next job on a Monday) since I graduated university. That's twenty-one years of straight slogging. The ski lift operators will be my friends for a while, as will the steady stream of Australians that are scheduled to live in our basement for the first half of the year. I'll also have a chance to tackle little 'home improvement' tasks that I have been imagining since we moved in.

I've enjoyed the challenges of starting this little company, doing all things electronic and having someone else's money to spend on cool technology. It certainly has been difficult at times, but look at the great amount of cool we've created.

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