Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out East

My brother has found a great place for himself in the 'outback' of Nova Scotia. He has always wanted to own some wide open space. Kate and I went for a visit (actually, it was a 'meet' for Kate) this weekend and had a restful and enjoyable time.

As empty-nesters, I have noticed that they (and someday soon I, too) suddenly have many more choices available to them. Where they live, what they eat, when they eat, sleep and generally do things is now up their personal whims. Being on a farm emphasizes that freedom, as they are not tied into an urban schedule, either. As illustration, I came down for a bathroom run one night (well after 1 am) and found both Karen and Jeff up and puttering around their kitchen. Both seemed to be doing their own thing, happy to have the other for company but not specifically engaged with each other. Karen was preparing some food and Jeff was watching some recorded videos. I decided to stay up and visit a bit, then excused myself and went back to bed, leaving them to do their own thing with no hint that they might do the same soon.

I also noticed that my brother goes on regular strolls (five or six a day) around the periphery of his property. His dogs (and sometimes a cat or two) go with him. He seems relaxed, happy, at peace and full of life. I'm glad that Jeff and Karen have found a place to get into their own groove.

Kate was overwhelmed with the changing colors of the leaves. I was sure she was going to wear her digital camera out with pictures of leaves, bark, fallen leaves, leaves in the stream, leaves on the Jeff and Karen's patio deck, Karen and Jeff in the leaves, etc.. I admit that it is one thing to hear about Autumn in eastern Canada, but quite another to see it. The scale and scope of a valley full of brilliant yellows and reds has to be seen to be appreciated. Amazing as the pictures are, they just cannot do the full experience justice.

To say I'm happy for my brother is an understatement. He has a beautiful house to live in (with room for guests!), twenty-five acres of woods for he and his animals to wander in, a partner that shares and/or supports his passions, and many, many, many projects to keep him busy for the next 50 years or so that he will be tromping around out East.

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