Monday, October 6, 2008

Fading Away

I am becoming a less-important man in the company.

At one point, I was the single point of reference for the company's computers; servers; network setup; alarm system; phone system and entrails; building leases, insurance and contracts; heating and ventilation problems; storage locations for seldom-used items and records; shipping, mailing and contact with the outside world.

These duties and nuggets of knowledge have either been pried out of me, changed or become unimportant in the new version of Veer I mean, Corbis. I was told yesterday that I no longer need to go to a meeting where I have been reporting my progress on transitioning my duties and knowledge. The powers that be want me to finish what I'm doing, do it quietly, then unobtrusively slip into the night.

To tell the truth, I am full ready to let these things go.

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