Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where I'm At

There's a certain calmness to me these days as I go about my business. I have (roughly) three weeks of work left, and I am definitely looking forward to the time off. Most of my duties have been transitioned to my Facility Coordinator and the guy in Seattle who will be looking after things when I'm gone. There's no sign of my replacement, although the HR team is planning interviews next week. Giving that the holiday season will be a week away when they finish up the selection process, I doubt I will even shake hands with the new person.

My post-Veer time is filling up by itself, too. Odd jobs around the house, plans to doing some volunteer work, landlord-ing, training for triathlon season ... all are bounding around in my head, eventually to land in a spot in my schedule. I've started cycling on a stationary bike in the garage and I've (sorry - Kate has) started a project list to tackle in the New Year.

Life is very good right now.

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