Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas has come and gone in a relatively quiet manner. Kate and I spent it at home without the company of Banana and McMonk. I don't exaggerate when I say that Christmas and Boxing Day were spent entirely inside. While I claim it was quiet, we had guests - plenty of them, in fact. We hosted eleven people (with me as the only Canadian at the table) for a big post-Christmas turkey feast. Phone calls and greetings were sent back and forth to siblings and parents. The day before Christmas Eve had us visiting with a friend fom New York who was back in town for the holidays. Christmas Eve brought my folks over for a gift exchange. The cold (-20 celcius or worse) weather and 40 cm of snow that had us socked in lifted for Christmas Day, but we never found reason to venture out. Even the lure of ultra-crowded malls, half-baked attempts at sales and quenching of consumerism weren't enough to lure us out of our comfy surroundings yesterday.

Today saw us tidying the house and making up the guest room yet again. We're very excited to see Hillary (one of Kate's friends) who is coming for visit. She'll be staying in Calgary for a few days before we all head off for a New Year's ski in BC.

Moving to this new house and neighborhood (along with meeting up with this lovely Aussie with a vast social network) has meant that we always seem to be having people over or preparing to have people over. You'd think it would exhaust me, but I am whole-heartedly enjoying the thrum of activity that the house contains.

Life couldn't be better these days.

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