Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm starting to wonder if my Facebook account will replace or just supplement my 'blog.

Facebook is much more of an electronic billboard for your presence. Others can easily drive by and see if you are still there, noting how to reach you if the need arises. A 'blog is more in-depth and has a much more easily accessible (albeit chronologically backwards) history.

I think they each have their own merits. The 'blog has less up-to-the-moment information at a glance, but Facebook is very trendy and very dependent on the owners for maintenance and upkeep of the gears and wheels behind it. I can also foresee Facebook getting old in a hurry in our 'Microwave Generation.' I'm worried about dedicating a lot of time and effort to a technology platform (hello? Flickr?) and then the business deciding to close it's doors and/or fall out of favor with the Internet crowd and take my work and information with it.

I'm going to install a link to my Facebook homepage for quick reference and try (for as long as patience and practicality allow) to maintain both.

Wish me perseverance.

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