Friday, October 5, 2007


Thanksgiving is my kind of holiday for a number of reasons.
  • First, it is a holiday all about gratitude. One of the messages that I keep reminding myself of is we all need to be grateful for the situation we are in and what (and who) we have around us. I have to work harder sometimes to realize the hidden gem that I'm meant to appreciate, but I can usually locate it after some introspection.

  • My second reason to love this holiday is the food. I am lucky enough to be invited to two, (count 'em) TWO turkey feeds this weekend. I'm a big fan of mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots, warm buns and dessert in whatever form it may come. I'm going to have to ensure exercise is part of the weekend so I don't feel sluggish the day after the dinners.

    We live in a time of abundance, in a place of abundance, and (personally) in a situation of sufficiency. I, like the ants from the well-known fable, am working hard to ensure I'll be comfortable further on in life. Right now, I have enough food, enough company, a little too much space, and way too many interests and options for activities. I definitely have an abundance of experiences, wonderful and harrowing, to draw upon for stories and knowledge. This idea of abundance is most easily celebrated and shared by big meals.

  • Another, tertiary reason for loving this holiday is having an extra day off work, and knowing that I can't do much for errands so fun will be the order of the day. Work has been a mixture of busy and slow, feast and famine. I'm looking forward to some home-focussed time. McMonk and I are together on Monday, so I hope we can find some fun to get into. A crawl along Inglewood might just do the trick.

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