Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Miss Heard

My daughters are getting to that awkward age where boys are quietly becoming a part of their lives. Although they don't talk directly about their romantic interests, I hear snippets of conversations and know that puberty is happening.

Now, take that parental knowledge and add a suspicious edge. You now have the girls' mother's mindset. I got a second-hand description of a conversation that went on one evening between McMonk and the Warden about one of McMonk's friends (Zach) and his family.

McMonk: Do you like Zack's mom? (which, to the Warden, sounded like "Do you like sex, Mom?")

Warden: Well, I ... that's a difficult question to answer. Honey, why do you ask?

McMonk: Well, I sure don't!

I would have given anything to seen the expression on the Warden's face.

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