Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Time 'Round the Forties

Once again I've made it to my birthday. It has been another action-packed year. Last year saw some big events, including:
  • visiting France to meet the Bouviers (Florence, Christophe, Thibaud and cute, little Lou), staying in Bischoffsheim and making plans to come back and stay for a few months
  • finally getting a decent chance to wander around Paris
  • missing out on Calgary's big flood (and having our home emerge without damage)
  • becoming true empty nesters.  Banana and McMonk are now full-fledged adults (McMonk entered her twenties this year) and it's unlikely that they will be permanently living with us anymore
  • reconnecting with my cousin, Heather, and her husband Charlie by visiting them in Phoenix  
  • having an awesome downhill ski year, destroying a perfectly good pair of skis (through arduous use)
  • reconnecting with my niece, Kristin and grand-niece, Alena through regular swim dates
  • getting my dad moved into an assisted living lodge
This coming year is a year of preparation for The Big Break.  I'm reluctant to call it retirement, as Kate and I likely return to work - this is more aptly a walkabout.  The work that we do (in between our adventures) can be focused on jobs that we love and/or needs to be done.  Volunteer work readily springs to mind (maybe bike repair at Good Life or MEC).  A sailing trip is still in the works, but will be a few years away yet.  We have some land-based adventures to have first (including six months in Australia).

I am also looking forward to these events next year:
  • watching Kate end her job at the end of this month
  • host a bevvy of Aussie guests (including Hilary, Nadia, Graham and Gabby) here in Calgary this summer
  • prepare our Broadview home to be rented out
  • put Geek and Co on ice in order to go off on adventures
  • lots of time on my bike
  • Folk Fest for the sixth year
  • trips to Alaska with Graham and Gabby; Los Angeles-Phoenix-Las Vegas with Nancy and Eliza; Galipoli and some sailing in the Mediterranean with Kate
I've undergone some health changes this year, too.  I now find it easier to read with reading glasses than to read without them. I'm now rocking the Eugene Levy look, though.

Life is very exciting and holds lots of promise. I don't mind trading youth for wisdom ... especially when the wisdom comes from great adventures.

Oh, the stories I'll be able to tell at the old folks' home ....

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